The Biennial ARP Conference

The next ARP conference will be held in St. Louis, Missouri on 11-13, 2015. Abstract submissions will open soon, and will be due by January 15, 2015. As usual, submissions will be solicited that reflect the broad range of personality psychology, and will include submissions for posters and symposia. In addition, the program committee is planning a range of content for the meeting, including the presidential symposium, Tanaka Award winner talks, the Rising Stars symposium, a data blitz session, and some exciting new features: the Murray Award address by Dean Keith Simonton and an invited symposium sponsored by the European Association of Personality Psychology. For more information about the location, see this announcement in the latest issue of the ARP newsletter, and stay tuned for more information soon, including submission guidelines.

Conference Information

2015 – St. Louis, MO (Information)
2013 – Charlotte, NC (Program)
2011 – Riverside, CA (Program)
2009 – Evanston, IL (Program)
2008 – Albuquerque, NM (Program)
2007 – Memphis, TN (Program)
2006 – Palm Springs, CA (Program)
2005 – New Orleans, LA (Program)
2004 – Austin, TX (Program)
2003 – Los Angeles, CA (Program)
2002 – Savannah, GA (Program)
2001 – San Antonio, TX (Program)
2000 – Nashville, TN (Program)