Schedule of the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in Personality

Hilton Palm Springs, 400 East Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA, 92262

Phone: 800-522-6900 or 760-320-6868

January 25-26, 2006


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Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2006:  Plaza C & D


6:00-6:15 PM  Welcoming Remarks: Dan Mroczek, Purdue University


6:15-7:15 PM  Opening Address: Peter Borkenau, Halle University, Germany

                        Level, Scatter and Shape: Genetic and Environmental Influences on the Behavior of Persons in Situations

Introduction by William Revelle, Northwestern University


7:15-9:00         Poster Session with Cash Bar: Plaza A & B


9:00                 ARP Executive Meeting



Thursday, Jan. 26, 2006:  Plaza C & D


7:30 AM          Coffee


8:00-9:00         Symposium: Motivational Self-Regulation in Goal Engagement and Goal Disengagement

Speakers: Jutta Heckhausen, University of California, Irvine

Isabelle Bauer & Carsten Wrosch, Concordia University

Eric Klinger, University of Minnesota, Morris

Randolph M. Nesse, University of Michigan


9:00-10:15       Symposium: Building on the Big Five: Traits, Autobiographical Narratives and a Dynamic View of Personality

                        Speakers: Kate McLean, University of Toronto

Dan P. McAdams, Northwestern University

Jennifer L. Pals, Northwestern University

Avril Thorne, University of California, Santa Cruz


10:15-10:30     Coffee Break


10:30-11:30     Presidential Symposium: Personality Predictors of Human Outcomes 

Brent Roberts, University of Illinois

Rebecca Shiner, Colgate University

Dan Mroczek Purdue University

Discussant: Lewis R. Goldberg, Oregon Research Institute


11:30-12:45     Lunch and Announcements: Hilton Poolside

                        Remarks by ARP President Lew Goldberg, Oregon Research Institute

Remarks by Representative of the European Assn. for Personality Psychology (EAPP): Rainer Riemann, Jena University

Remarks by Representative of the International Society for the Study of Individual Differences (ISSID): Bill Revelle, Northwestern University

Report from JRP Editor: Brent Roberts, University of Illinois (Associate Editor, JRP), speaking on behalf of Lynne Cooper, University of Missouri


12:45-1:45       Symposium: Recent Advances in Personality & Behavior Genetics

Speakers: Nathan Gillespie, Virginia Commonwealth University

Rainer Riemann, Jena University, Germany

Robert Krueger, University of Minnesota

Discussant: Dan Ozer, University of California, Riverside


1:45-2:45         Jack Block Award Symposium

Speakers: Yuichi Shoda, University of Washington

Lisa Feldman-Barrett, Boston College

Debbie Moskowitz, McGill University

Discussant: David Harrington, University of California, Santa Cruz

Honoree-Speaker: Walter Mischel, Columbia University


2:45-3:00         Break


3:00-4:00         J.S. Tanaka Dissertation Award Winner Talk

Assessing Psychopathy with Normal Personality Inventories: An Item Response Theory Approach

Kate Walton, University of Minnesota

Introduction by Brent Roberts, University of Illinois