ARP Preconference Schedule



Wednesday January 28th, 2004

SALONS C & D, Austin Hilton Hotel


6:00-7:00pm                Opening Address


Brian Little, Harvard University

Personality Science: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast


Introduced by Dan McAdams, Northwestern University


7:00-9:00pm                Poster Session


8:00-9:00pm                Cocktail hour (Cash Bar)


9:00-10:00pm              ARP Executive Meeting



Thursday January 29th, 2004

SALON C, Austin Hilton Hotel


8:00-8:30am                 Morning coffee


8:30-10:00                   Presidential Symposium

Personality and clinical psychology: From the interface to the cutting edge

Chair: Paul T. Costa, Jr., National Institutes of Health



David Watson, University of Iowa

Affect, personality and psychopathology


Thomas Widiger, University of Kentucky

Personality and Personality Disorders: The Integration of Science and Practice


Samuel Ball, Yale University School of Medicine



9:50-10:10                   Break


10:10-11:40                 Invited Talks

                                    Chair: Sam Gosling, University of Texas, Austin


                                    John Johnson, Penn State University, DuBois

                                    Ascertaining the Validity of Web-Based Personality Inventories


                                    Robert Helmreich & David Musson, University of Texas at Austin

                                    From Antarctica to outerspace:  Personality research in extreme environments 


                                    Debbie Moskowitz & David  Zuroff, McGill University

Flexing, Pulsing, and Spinning in Interpersonal Space


11:50-1:20                   Lunch and Announcements


                                    Remarks from ARP President

Paul Costa, National Institutes of Health


                                    Report from JRP Editor

Lynne Cooper, University of Missouri


                                    Announcement of JRP Award for best paper

                                    David Funder, University of California, Riverside


1:20-3:00                     Symposium in honor of Block-award winner, Ravenna Helson

New ideas for the study of personality change and consistency



                                    Oliver John, University of California, Berkeley



                                    Abigail Stewart, University of Michigan

                                    Personality after the Prime of Life: Men and Women in their 60s


                                    Brent Roberts, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

                                    Personal, Theoretical, and Empirical Perspectives on Roles and Personality Development


            Gisela Labouvie-Vief, Wayne State University

            Dynamic emotion-cognition relations and the self in adulthood


            Response by Ravenna Helson, University of California, Berkeley


3:00-3:15                     Break


3:15-4:30                     Keynote Address


Phillip R. Shaver, UC Davis

Mario Mikulincer, Bar-Ilan University

Attachment Theory and Research: Resurrection of the Psychodynamic Approach to Personality


                                    Introduced by ARP President, Paul T. Costa, Jr., National Institutes of Health

Organized by Samuel D. Gosling