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Albuquerque, NM

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Wednesday evening 2/6

Keynote Address: Eric Turkheimer, University of Virginia
"What Can We Hope to Learn from the Molecular Genetics of Personality?"
Followed by a poster session and cash bar

Thursday 2/7

Four symposia including:
Animal Personality (Sam Gosling, chair)
Temperament and the Development of Personality (Sam Putnam & Rebecca Shiner, chairs)
Idiographic Methods (William Shadel, chair)
Jack Block Award Symposium on Positive Emotions (Ed Diener,chair)
Tanaka Award Winner: to be announced
Lunch & Business meeting

Confirmed speakers include:

Kristin A. Buss, The Pennsylvania State University
John Capitanio, University of California Davis
Dan Cervone, University of Illinois Chicago Circle
Kirby Deater-Deckard, Virginia Tech
Ed Diener, University of Illinois
Sam Gosling, University of Texas
James Grice, Oklahoma State University
Daniel Klein, University at Stony Brook
Randy Larsen, Washington University
Thomas E. Malloy, Rhode Island College
Greg Mumma, Texas Tech University
Shigehiro Oishi, University of Virginia
Sam Putnam, Bowdoin College
Ulrich Schimmack, University of Toronto
Bill Shadel, Rand Organization
Yuichi Shoda, University of Washington
Andy Sih, University of California, Davis

Light breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch included

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Pre-registration is now closed. On-site registration is still available.

William Fleeson, Wake Forest University
M. Lynne Cooper, University of Missouri, Columbia
Rebecca Shiner, Colgate University

ARP is grateful to Elsevier for their generous support of the conference.
Elsevier is the publisher of the official journal of the association, the Journal of Research in Personality.