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Religiosity, Atheism, and Health: The Atheist Advantage – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Contrary to claims of a recent study arguing that atheism results from adverse genetic mutations, there is no evidence linking atheism with poor physical or mental health.

“The Fool Says in His Heart that Atheists are Mutants” – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

A recent study claiming that deviations from mainstream religious belief, including atheism, result from deleterious genetic mutations is based on very poor science.

What Makes a Hero? And What makes a Psychopath? – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Are Heroes and Psychopaths Cut from the Same Cloth? This depends on how important fearlessness is for understanding psychopathy - the answer may be "not that much."

Are Heroes and Psychopaths Cut from the Same Cloth? – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Do evil psychopaths and valiant heroes share a common core? The issue is complicated, but hard-core psychopaths are highly unlikely to be motivated to become heroes.

Romantic Love, Casual Sex, and Human Ecology – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Do harsh environments foster short-term mating, and rich ones long-term commitments? Environmental effects on reproductive strategies are more complicated than one might think.

What is “Spiritual Intelligence” Anyway? – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

If "spiritual intelligence" is a real thing, what might it consist of? Probably, elements of personality, intelligence, and altered states of consciousness.

Is “Spiritual Intelligence” a Valid Concept? – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

"Spiritual intelligence" has been popularized in recent years as an "alternative" intelligence based on little evidence, However, could the concept have some scientific merit?