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Is Using Profanity a Sign of Honesty? – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

A recent paper suggests that profanity may be a reflection of emotional honesty and candor. However, closer examination of the studies' results casts doubt on this idea.

The Fundamental Errors of Situationism – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Are people really "pure dispositionalists" who underestimate the "power of the situation" to influence behavior? A closer look at the evidence suggests these claims are overhyped.

The Fundamental Attribution Error is Overrated – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Does the so-called fundamental attribution error deserve to be more widely known? The importance of this phenomenon has actually been blown out of all proportion.

The Paradox of Conscientious Prisoners – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Criminals are usually lower than normal people in conscientiousness, yet a new study finds that prisoners are higher in this trait. What can explain this apparent paradox?

Are Psychopaths Really Smarter Than the Rest of Us? – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

There is a popular belief that psychopaths are highly intelligent, but this isn't true. What accounts for this misconception?

What is the Link Between Heroism and Antisocial Behavior? – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Research suggests a seemingly paradoxical link between antisocial behavior and heroism. Psychopathy has been suggested as a linking factor, but this seems unlikely.

The Strange Link Between Attitudes Towards Sex and Drugs – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

According to evolutionary theories, people's attitudes to recreational drug use may be influenced by their preferred mating strategies.