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The Fundamental Errors of Situationism – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Are people really "pure dispositionalists" who underestimate the "power of the situation" to influence behavior? A closer look at the evidence suggests these claims are overhyped.

The Fundamental Attribution Error is Overrated – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Does the so-called fundamental attribution error deserve to be more widely known? The importance of this phenomenon has actually been blown out of all proportion.

The Paradox of Conscientious Prisoners – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Criminals are usually lower than normal people in conscientiousness, yet a new study finds that prisoners are higher in this trait. What can explain this apparent paradox?

Are Psychopaths Really Smarter Than the Rest of Us? – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

There is a popular belief that psychopaths are highly intelligent, but this isn't true. What accounts for this misconception?

What is the Link Between Heroism and Antisocial Behavior? – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

Research suggests a seemingly paradoxical link between antisocial behavior and heroism. Psychopathy has been suggested as a linking factor, but this seems unlikely.

The Strange Link Between Attitudes Towards Sex and Drugs – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

According to evolutionary theories, people's attitudes to recreational drug use may be influenced by their preferred mating strategies.

The Ghost of Situationism and Why Personality is Not a Myth – Scott McGreal (Unique—Like Everybody Else)

A recent podcast on the "Myth" of personality trots out long discredited arguments against the reality of personality. Why do these ideas keep returning like a restless ghost?