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Why We Get Such Dumb Advice about Love, Money & Health – Howard Friedman (Secrets of Longevity)

Does not every teenager already know you should comb your hair and look for a kind, suitable partner? What kind of dumb advice is this?

How Long Will Barack Obama Live? Premature Aging? – Howard Friedman (Secrets of Longevity)

Have you seen the lame pictures? Are the stresses of the presidency aging and weakening President Obama? Now that he is 50, what are his chances for a long life?

Science and The Good Life – Howard Friedman (Secrets of Longevity)

Does science add to what we know from philosophy and religion about the good life?

The Ideal Career for You – Howard Friedman (Secrets of Longevity)

When choosing a career, finding the “perfect match” to your personality does not necessarily put you on a path toward thriving and long life. It was quite surprising to us what mattered more. The results were good news for career seekers.

Personality, Your Money, and Your Health – Howard Friedman (Secrets of Longevity)

What does your health and happiness have to do with your money? It is not so much what we are hearing about expert decision-making, or about status and stress. read more

Why Don’t Comedians Live Longer? – Howard Friedman (Secrets of Longevity)

We have all heard the cliché: Laughter is the best medicine. So are comedians the longest-lived among us? Do people whose business is humor and laughter thrive and stay healthy? Should we seek a jolly good time in order to avoid cancer, heart disease, and diabetes?

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Can We Learn Psychology on the Martha Stewart Show? – Howard Friedman (Secrets of Longevity)

This week, I and my co-researcher Dr. Leslie Martin were featured on The Martha Stewart Show. We were invited to appear with Martha and her studio audience to discuss our just-published book, The Longevity Project, which has been attracting quite a bit of media buzz. That got me thinking about teaching psychology (and promoting health) through popular TV shows.

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