ARP’s Mission

The Association for Research in Personality is a scientific organization devoted to bringing together scholars whose research contributes to the understanding of personality structure, development, and dynamics.

New research and theories with broad implications for understanding personality have emerged in recent years. For example, new findings about the origins of personality traits are emerging from population and molecular genetics research, as well as from studies of the neurophysiology of individual differences. Evolutionary approaches are clarifying the adaptive pressures that have shaped emotions and social behavior. Research on the lifespan development of personality is helping to create important new models of continuity and change. Social-cognitive approaches to motivation (e.g., plans, projects, scripts) and the development of narrative theories and methods are revolutionizing the study of lives. Moreover, personality research is increasingly influential in many important areas, including the conceptualization and diagnosis of psychopathology, health attitudes and behavior, the study of close relationships, politics and public policy, and performance in the workplace. More information about some of the key questions investigated by ARP members is available in this white paper prepared for the National Science Foundation. Additionally, this statement to the National Institute of Mental Health explains how personality research can inform our understanding of mental health and psychopathology.

Psychology needs a forum for bringing together the wide range of investigators who are responsible for this scientific progress. This is the purpose of ARP. Members do not have to define themselves as “personality psychologists.” In fact, many of those who currently are making important contributions to our field and attend our meetings were trained in other specialties (e.g., clinical psychology, social psychology, psychiatry, human development, health psychology, I/O psychology).

What are the benefits of ARP Membership? Members receive online access to the Journal of Research in Personality (JRP) and Social Psychological and Personality Science (SPPS), and can purchase print copies of these journals at a significantly reduced annual rate. Members can also register for the biennial ARP conference at a discounted rate. Regarding the journals, JRP publishes theoretical and empirical work in the traditional areas of personality psychology, including both trait and dynamic process-oriented approaches, as well as work from related areas (e.g., genetics, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology) that is relevant to understanding both normal and pathological aspects of personality. SPPS, co-sponsored with several other scientific societies, publishes cutting-edge, short reports of important studies in personality and social psychology. Regarding the ARP conference, we hold a stand-alone meeting every other year. It is an opportunity for researchers to present and discuss cutting edge research about personality.

If you are interested in joining ARP, please visit our membership page. More information about the Association’s structure and rules can be found in the ARP bylaws.

ARP Executive Board


Dan McAdams Dan Ozer Rebecca Shiner Jennifer Tackett

President: Dan McAdams (dmca@northwestern.edu) (2017)
Past President: Dan Ozer (daniel.ozer@ucr.edu) (2017)
Executive Officer: Rebecca Shiner (rshiner@colgate.edu) (2017)
Secretary/Treasurer: Jennifer Tackett (jenniferltackett@gmail.com) (2017)

A list of past ARP officers is available on our history page.

executive committee Members-at-large

Katie Corker (corkerka@gvsu.edu) (2018)
Jennifer Lodi-Smith (lodismij@canisius.edu) (2019)
Julie Norem (jnorem@wellesley.edu) (2017)
Christopher Soto (christopher.soto@colby.edu) (2018)
Tom Widiger (widiger@uky.edu) (2017)
Aidan Wright (aidan@pitt.edu) (2019)

Grad student/Postdoc Representatives

Postdoctoral representative: Allison Tackman (tackman@email.arizona.edu)
Graduate representative: Kathryn Bollich (kbollich@gmail.com)

training committee

Jennifer Lodi-Smith, Chair (lodismij@canisius.edu)
Grant Edmonds (edmonds.grant@gmail.com)
Marc Fournier (fournier@utsc.utoronto.ca)
Chris Martin (chris.martin.e@gmail.com)
Nicholas Westrate (nic.weststrate@utoronto.ca)

Publication and communication committee

Dan Ozer, Chair (daniel.ozer@ucr.edu)
Jon Adler (jadler@olin.edu)
Erik Noftle (enoftle@willamette.edu)

Web Committee

Christopher Soto, Chair and Webmaster (christopher.soto@colby.edu)
Ben Johnson (bnjohnson.psych@gmail.com)

Awards Committee

Rich Lucas, Chair (lucasri@msu.edu)
Erik Noftle (enoftle@willamette.edu)
Tera Letzring (letztera@isu.edu)

Terms expire at end of year indicated.