Poster Award

Poster Award

The ARP Poster Award is presented biennially to recognize excellent poster presentations at the ARP conference. To be eligible for the award a nominee must be a student or postdoctoral scholar presenting their research at the ARP conference. Awards are determined by a team of ARP members. The poster judging team selects a winner and a runner up from each poster session. Awards are announced at the gala dinner following the conference.

List of Winners

2017 Winners

Replicability of life satisfaction trajectories: An integrative data analysis of 7 longitudinal studies
Emily D. Bastarache, Daniel K. Mroczek, Scott M. Hofer, and Avron Spiro III

Adults’ greatest life challenges as they relate to personality traits, depression, and well-being
Raffles Cowan, Xiaodi Chen, and Brady Jones

2017 Runners up

Using item response theory to improve and streamline the Child Behavior Questionnaire
D. Angus Clark, M. Brent Donnellan and C. Emily Durbin

Planfulness: Individual-differences in goal-related cognition that predict achievement
Rita Ludwig, Sanjay Srivastava, & Elliot Berkman

2015 Winners

Strategies employed during intentional personality change
Erica Baranski, William Dunlop, and Patrick Morse

An Experimental Investigation of Drunk Personality Using Self and Observer Reports
Rachel P. Winograd

2015 Runners Up

Measuring Person × Situation Interactions in Everyday Life: Preliminary Results from a Lifelogging Study
Nicolas A. Brown, David G. Serfass, Ashley Bell Jones, and Ryne A. Sherman

Are Values Judged the Same as Traits? Examining Determinants of Agreement
Jennifer S. McDonald, Douglas Colman, Barbara Wood Roberts, and Tera D. Letzring

2013 Winners

Exploring Longitudinal Relations Among Narcissism, Fame, and Creativity: An Archival Study of Eminent Writers
Rodica Ioana Damian, Richard W. Robins, Dean Keith Simonton, and Kevin Grimm

Differential Standing, Personal Priorities and Temporal Fidelity: Aspects of Implicit–Explicit Motive Congruence, and Implications for Well-Being
Chris C. Martin, Amanda K. Fuller, and Todd M. Thrash

2013 Runners Up

They Who Dream By Day: White Matter Correlates of Openness and Schizotypy in a Large Nonclinical Sample
Rachael G. Grazioplene and Colin G. DeYoung

The College Experience and Its Effect on Personality Development in Young Adulthood
Anissa Mike and Joshua J. Jackson