Letter from the Editors

Simine Vazire & Christopher J. Soto

Christopher J. Soto Simine Vazire We are very excited about the latest edition of P: The Newsletter of the Association for Research in Personality.  Following on the heels of a very successful conference in Riverside last June, ARP is in excellent shape.  The presentations at ARP were a great slice of the fascinating research going on in personality labs around the world.  Our journals are receiving an increasing number of high-quality submissions, which reflects the great research of the members of ARP (see the columns by Rich Lucas, editor of the Journal of Research in Personality, and Vincent Yzerbyt, editor of Social Psychological and Personality Science). The last few months have also seen the launch of the new Frontiers in Personality Science and Individual Differences, edited by our very own Brian Little.

Speaking of Brian Little, he was honored at the ARP conference as the first ever recipient of ARP’s Award for Exceptional Service to the Association.  Brian has earned this many times over, not least for his work as the first editor of P, along with Jen Lodi-Smith, and his relentless advocacy on behalf of personality science.  We are lucky to have him on our side!  The ARP conference in Riverside also featured invited talks by Brian Connelly and Robert Latzman, winners of the 2009 and 2010 J. S. Tanaka Personality Dissertation Award, respectively.  For more highlights from the conference, we refer readers to the column by Len Simms, program chair.

In other news, David Funder’s term as President of ARP is coming to an end. He was generous enough to share one last “President’s Column” to this newsletter, and our incoming president, Will Fleeson, has also provided a column. Both have provocative and interesting ideas for the future of our field.

Another interesting development since the last newsletter is the attention—in the media and within our professional organizations—to Diedrik Stapel’s fraud.  With this incident coming on the heels of the controversial paper by Daryl Bem on ESP, many researchers are calling for heightened standards for publication in our journals.  Our own Brent Roberts adds his voice to the debate with his column in this issue.  We hope this column will generate action and reaction from ARP members, and we encourage members to submit responses for the next issue of P. Send your responses to arpnewsletter@gmail.com.

We also have many other great contributions to this edition of P, and we hope you will check all of them out!  We also hope you like the new web design—we decided it was time for a makeover!  Finally, we would like to recognize the generous support of Hogan Assessment Systems, as their continued support helps make P and ARP conferences possible!

Be sure to check out the announcements of upcoming conferences. We hope to see you all around the world: in Trieste, Capetown, and at the next ARP meeting in 2013!

Simine and Chris