Murray Award

Murray Award

The Henry A. Murray Award, established in 1978, recognizes distinguished contributions to the study of individual lives and whole persons. The winner is selected by a joint committee that includes representatives from both ARP and the Personological Society, and is invited to give the Murray Award Address at the biennial ARP conference.

The Murray tradition may be characterized as a style of intellectual leadership that has contributed outstanding work exhibiting several of the following characteristics:

(a) Receptiveness to the value of bringing together a variety of disciplines, theoretical viewpoints, and research techniques.

(b) Use of conceptual tools that lend themselves to the integration of
“the tough and tender” in personality research.

(c) A theoretical outlook that recognizes intrapsychic structure and
the thematic unity of individual lives in the midst of phenotypic

(d) Interest in imagination and in biography, literature, and myth as
psychological data.

(e) Interest in the biological, social, and cultural contexts of

2016 Winner: Oliver C. Schultheiss

Oliver C. Schultheiss, Professor of Psychology and Chair for Experimental Psychology, Motivation, and Affective Neuroscience at Friedrich-Alexander University, has been awarded the 2016 Henry A. Murray Award for distinguished contributions to the study of individual lives and whole persons. Professor Schultheiss will be honored at the biennial convention of the Association for Research in Personality in June 2017 where he will give an invited address. The complete announcement is available here.

List of Winners

2016 Oliver C. Schultheiss
2014 Dean Keith Simonton
2013 Paul Wink
2012 Brent Roberts
2011 Michelle Fine
2010 Jefferson Singer
2009 Avril Thorne
2008 Robert Emmons
2007 Daniel Ogilvie
2006 Bertram Cohler
2005 Eric Klinger
2004 Salvadore Maddi
2003 Carol Ryff
2002 David Winter
2001 Seymour Epstein
2000 Steve West
1999 Robert White
1998 David McClelland
1997 Irving Alexander
1996 Edwin Schneidman
1995 Abigail Stewart
1994 Ted Sarbin
1993 Ruthellen Josselson
1992 M. Brewster Smith
1991 Jane Loevinger
1990 Sylvan Tomkins
1989 Dan McAdams
1988 Rae Carlson
1987 Alan Elms
1986 William Runyan
1985 Jack Block
1984 Ravenna Helson
1982 Suzanne Kobasa
1980 Donald MacKinnon
1979 Nevitt Sanford